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The White Gold - A Closer Look

A Journey into the World of Salt

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After an impressive 45-minute guided tour through the underground tunnel system of the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall, a very special experience awaits you. The Salt Museum in the Old Salt Works consists of five exhibition rooms. Each room highlights a different aspect of the "white gold".

Learn all about the former importance of salt. Delve into salt production or the technical development of brine extraction. In the Old Salt Works Salt Museum, you can find out more about the processing of the extracted brine into Germany's best-known table salt, Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSalz.

The museum is informativeand exciting for young and old. The length of stay in the salt museum varies from person to person. We recommend to calculate with 20 minutes for the visit to the Salt Museum after the guided tour through the Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall. For a visit to the Old Salt Works including the Salt Museum, we recommend purchasing tickets online.

From the discovery of the brine springs to salt production today

How were the brine springs in Bad Reichenhall found 2000 years ago? Who built the Old Salt Works? What actually is a salt fraternity? And how much energy was needed to produce salt in the past? In the Salt Museum you will learn all about the history of the Old Salt Works and salt production, the salt trade routes in the region and the differences in salt production in the past and today.

Intrigued woman at the Salt Museum at the Old Salt Works

How do I get to the Salt Museum?

The visit to the salt museum is part of the guided tour of the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall. After exploring the world of white gold in the underground tunnel system, the tour takes you to the salt museum.

Here you can find out more exciting facts about Bad Reichenhall's salt history.

We recommend allowing around 20 minutes for the visit to the salt museum after the tour. A visit to the Salt Museum is automatically included when you purchase tickets. An individual visit to the Salt Museum is not possible without a guided tour through the tunnel system.

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