Fascination, technology, history: The Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall takes you on a journey to times long past. On a guided tour through the widely ramified tunnel system, you will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of salt extraction. What awaits you? Here is a small foretaste.

Probably the most beautiful salt works in the world

Valuable evaporated salt has been extracted here in Bad Reichenhall for centuries. Today, almost everything in the Old Salt Works is as it was back then: the imposing brick building in neo-Romanesque style with the Brunnhaus Chapel in the centre unmistakably characterises the townscape. The huge, impressive water wheels turn continuously and a widely ramified system of tunnels leads down into the mountain.

Huge water wheels in the old salt works Bad Reichenhall
Family taking a selfie in front of the Hauptbrunn building

As early as in 1846, the Old Saltworks received the honorary title of "most beautiful saltworks in the world".

Highlights of the guided tour

Experience the world of the history of salt

Only on a guided tour through the mysterious tunnel system will you really get to know the Old Salt Works and learn fascinating information about the "white gold". The tour begins in the machine hall with its gigantic water wheels inside the building and then goes down into the fascinating world underground.

Guests at the Salt Museum in the Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall

Tunnel (also called an adit or a stulm) and historical salt springs

Impressive tunnel systems lead deep down into the mountain. Passing drive rods and bell cranks, you come to popular highlights of the tour: the historic salt cave, the Karl Theodor pump and the relief of Elector Karl Theodor. Via the main well shaft you go up to the salt and brand museum and the salt shop.

Guests on the underground tour
New underground drainage tunnel
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The history of the Bad Reichenhall Old Salt Works dates back to the 7th century. In 696, the Bad Reichenhall brine pans (evaporation ponds) were mentioned in writing for the first time.

230 square metres

A natural, historic salt cave was discovered in 1795 during the construction of an experimental tunnel.

It is 280 square metres in size and five metres high and is now a real visitor highlight.

120 years

The water wheels of the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall have been turning for over 170 years – without interruption.

Couple in the salt cave underground

You are interested in technical details about the Old Salt Works of Bad Reichenhall?

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What awaits you at the salt works?

How does salt evaporation work? And what does a “Brunnwart” actually do?
These short videos will give you a first impression of what you can look forward to at the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall.

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Family taking a selfie in front of the Hauptbrunn building
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