Excursion destinations and sights in Bad Reichenhall

You have one or more days off in the district of Berchtesgaden?The charming Bad Reichenhall attracts visitors with numerous sights and excursion destinations.

Town Hall Square in Bad Reichenhall
Town highlights

From the Salt Works to the Alpine Panorama

The town of Bad Reichenhall is located in the idyllic district of Berchtesgaden and is known for its unique history and breathtaking landscape. One highlight is undoubtedly the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall – a testimony to centuries of salt production in the region. But the city has much more to offer. Here are some impressive excursion destinations that you can ideally combine with a visit to the Old Salt Works.

Healing sea breeze in the “Gradierhaus”

Right near the Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall you can discover the historic Gradierhaus. This is where the salt water trickles over blackthorn branches and creates a unique microclimate – comparable to a sea breeze. The salty air is beneficial for the respiratory tract and the skin. Take a moment to breathe deeply in and out and listen to the soothing sounds of the salt water.

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Gradierhaus in the Royal Spa Garden

The Royal Spa Garden – a retreat in paradise

Your next stop could be the Royal Spa Garden - a magnificent place that is in full bloom, especially in spring and summer.Leave your everyday life behind and stroll through the carefully maintained paths, surrounded by exotic plants and impressive historical statues. The Royal Spa Garden forms the heart of the town and is ideally located between the Gradierhaus and the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall.

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Royal spa garden in Bad Reichenhall
Predigtstuhl cable car

The Predigtstuhlbahn Cable Car – a journey to the heights

After a relaxing time in the spa garden, it's time for a little adventure. The Predigstuhl cable car is one of the oldest large cable cars in the world that has been preserved in its original form and offers a breathtaking ride up one of the highest mountains in the area. At the Predigtstuhl, an unforgettable view of the surrounding Alpine panorama and the town of Bad Reichenhall itself opens up to you. The train is only a few minutes' walk from the Royal Spa Garden, making it an easy addition to your day in Bad Reichenhall.

Pure relaxation at the Rupertus Spa

You feel more like wellness than adventure? The Rupertus Spa is the perfect oasis of well-being after an eventful day. The wellness spa offers a variety of pools, saunas and wellness treatments based on minerals extracted from the local salt. A perfect place to relax after an exciting day and experience the healing powers of salt.

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Rupertustherme spa

The Salin Restaurant – a perfect ending

After a fulfilling day in Bad Reichenhall, the Restaurant Salin is the ideal place to end your discovery tour. This cosy restaurant offers a selection of regional and international dishes. It is perfectly located to enjoy the historic ambience of Bad Reichenhall and round off the day with a delicious meal.

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Salin Restaurant

Bad Reichenhall is a town that has it all.

From historical sights to breathtaking nature and delicious gastronomy. Plan your visit today and see for yourself.

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