Mineplan of the old salt works
Large water wheels in the Old Saltworks
1 - Water wheels
"Glückauf" or "Good luck" in the Old Saltworks Bad Reichenhall!
Your guided tour of the Bad Reichenhall Old Salt Works begins in the machine hall. Marvel at the top-sheeted waterwheels, which are driven by a pipeline about 5 km long from the mountain valleys of the Latten Mountains.
  • 13 metres in diameter
  • 13 tons per wheel
  • 3.5 revolutions per minute
  • After each full rotation, a bell signal sounds
New underground drainage tunnel
2 - Tunnel system
History with depth
Now your visit to the Old Salt Works will take you deep into the underground world. The spring structure below the main well house is criss-crossed by a system of tunnels and shafts in which several brine springs rise. Discover the impressive tunnel system and learn more about the technology of yesteryear.
  • captivating experience for young and old
  • suitable in all weather conditions
  • Steps lead down into the source building
Underclocked water wheel in the Old Saltworks
3 - Undershot waterwheel
An underground water wheel
The next highlight of the tour is the undershot water wheel. It is driven by an underground freshwater river and transmits its power to a 103 m long rod to the Karl Theodor Pump.
  • An eccentric turns the rotary movement of the wheel into a forward and backward movement
Drive rods under the Old Saltworks
4 - Full steam ahead
Operating linkage
  • 103 metres long
  • Daily maintenance by the "Brunnwart" (i.e. the tunnel maintenance worker and shop assistant in one person)
Guests at the underground salt cave
5 - Salt cave
An impressive highlight for visitors
The path takes us to the Salt Cave – a natural cave with a floor area of approximately 280 m² and a height of 5 metres. The historic brine grotto was discovered during the construction of the experimental tunnel in 1795.
  • 280 square metres of ground area
  • 5 metres high
Karl Theodor Pump underground
6 - The Karl Theodor Spring
The beating heart of Bad Reichenhall
In front of the Karl Theodor Pump from the 18th century, salt history becomes tangible: the historic pump is still functional and is also known as the "heart" of Bad Reichenhall. The pumping unit is driven by a 103-metre-long rod. This raises the spring by six metres. From here, the brine flows via a bottom channel to the main shaft.
  • The previous salt content was 24 %.
  • Meanwhile, the brine is lower in concentration and is used exclusively for spa purposes.
Visitor at the Karl Theodor underground exhibition site
7 - The Karl Theodor Relief
in honour of Elector Karl Theodor
Karl Theodor rendered great services in the expansion of the galleries as well as the modernisation of the brewing and timber drifting facilities from 1791 to 1793. To honour him, a relief was made of Carrara marble, which you can see during your tour.
  • Stroking Karl-Theodor's cheek is said to bring good luck
Interested guests in the salt museum of the old salt works
8 - Salt Museum
Historical insights into salt production
Via the main well shaft, we go back up to the salt museum. Here, in addition to exhibits and a video documentary, there are also exciting insights into the history of Bad Reichenhall, the Old Salt Works and the "White Gold".
  • Insights into modern salt production
Interior view of the salt shop of the Old Salt Works
9 - Salt shop & Brand Museum
Interesting facts and spices for your home
The exclusive Bad Reichenhall salt shop presents the entire range of branded and seasoned salts, health and wellness products as well as fine gourmet salts for gourmets. Right next door in the (i.e. Brand Museum), you will learn everything worth knowing about the history of the "Bad Reichenhaller" brand.
  • Their "AlpenSalz" from Bad Reichenhall is even sold in Japan
  • Germany's best-known salt brand