Guided Tour Old Salt Works

Admission from 20 persons

Group prices 2022: 

10,60 Euro  per adult 
  5,50 Euro  per child (children groups, school classes up to 18 years)

Note: At the moment, a maximum of 30 people can take part in each guided tour. If the group size exceeds 30 people, the group must be divided into two smaller groups. 

The Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall is a special destination for organizing varied group excursions and club trips. Without too much planning and preparation, the Old Salt Works provide an uncomplicated but all the more lasting group experience.

Trained experts will guide you through the widely ramified system of tunnels in the Old Salt Works. In addition, you will learn fascinating information about the "white gold".


The tour starts in the machine hall with its gigantic water wheels turning incessantly inside the building and goes down into the fascinating world underground. Impressive tunnel systems lead deep into the mountain. Passing drive rods and bell cranks, you reach popular highlights such as the salt grotto (historic brine springs), the Karl Theodor pump (the beating heart of Bad Reichenhall) and the relief of Elector Karl Theodor. Via the main well shaft, the tour continues to the top of the salt museum.

Prior reservation is requested. For groups of 20 or more, we offer the above-mentioned discounted admission prices. You can make your own reservations online - easily, free of charge, even without registration (one-time booking) in our new online ticket store.

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