What is salt?

From a scientific point of view, all table salt, regardless of the type, is an inorganic mineral made from a compound of the elements sodium and chlorine (sodium chloride/NaCl).Different types of salt occur in this composition, which is always the same:

  1. Sea salt comes, as the name says, from the sea.It is obtained by evaporation of seawater in so-called salt marshes.
  2. Rock salt lies embedded in the rock and is mined, then roughly crushed and ground.The salt is mainly used in the chemical industry and as de-icing salt.
  3. Evaporated salt is created by the evaporation of salty water, the so-called brine.The resulting salt slurry, a mixture of salt and brine, is then centrifuged and dried - and can then be classified into different grain sizes

How does the salt get into the sea?

Salt belongs to the primary rock and is contained in the earth's crust.Every rain washes a little salt out of the earth; streams and rivers carry it to the sea.In addition, oceanic volcanoes eject salty gas and rock from which the water dissolves the salt.Salt has been accumulating in the sea in this way for millions of years - trillions of tonnes.

Sea salt is obtained by pouring seawater into shallow basins where the water evaporates.What remains is crystalline sea salt.


How does the rock salt get into the mountain?

About 250 million years ago, the primeval ocean that covered almost all of central Europe was cut off by a tongue of land.The resulting inland sea, separated from the primeval ocean, gradually dried out due to sun and wind.The salt crystallised and deposited on the ground as a layer up to 800 metres thick.Winds covered them with dust and rock over millions of years.Due to the folding of the Alps, it eventually got far under other rock layers and into the middle of the mountains.


What is brine?

Brine is salty water with a maximum salt content of about 26 percent.In Bad Reichenhall, pure Alpine brine has been created for thousands of years as mountain and surface water seeps through the Alps and picks up valuable salt on its way through the rock layers.


How does salt influence the taste of food?

Salt is a natural flavour enhancer:It ensures that organic seasonings do not dissolve so easily from the food and that they retain their intensive aroma.Salt is one of the most important spices, without which almost all dishes and foods would taste bland.It is so important that it has been given its own flavour: salty.

About Bad Reichenhaller

Bad Reichenhaller is a brand of Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG and stands for high-quality salt from the depths of the Alps.Obtained from pure Alpine brine, it guarantees the highest quality in seasoning, cooking and baking.

Hundreds of years ago, the "white gold" from the Alps made its place of origin famous.Today, Bad Reichenhaller is the best-known brand in the German table salt segment.The product portfolio of

Bad Reichenhaller includes Alpine salts without and with added vitamins and trace elements for a balanced diet, as well as a large selection of spice salts, mills and salt specialities.

More info: www.bad-reichenhaller.de


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