As the product name suggests, the quality of Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSalz is rooted in the depths of the Alps.Pure Alpine brine is the origin of the products of the best-known brand in the German food salt segment.Salt and spiced salt varieties with selected ingredients complement the Bad Reichenhall range.

The classics


The traditional Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSalz is a fine evaporated salt made from pure Alpine brine.A special process guarantees that it is always dry, spreadable and free-flowing.The blue packaging with white diamond and red band is unmistakable.



As a committed pioneering achievement in the field of additives for a balanced diet, the first table salt with added iodine from the Bad Reichenhall salt works was already on the German market before 1960.Iodine is an important building block for the production of thyroid hormones.Since the body cannot produce it itself, it must be taken in through food.Iodised table salt can significantly improve the iodine supply.


AlpenJodSalz + Fluoride

Bad Reichenhaller remains true to its pioneering role and launches the first table salt with fluoride in Germany in 1992.The trace element contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation.


AlpenJodSalz + Fluoride + Folic acid

The B vitamin folic acid is important for cell division, among other things, and was added to table salt in Germany for the first time in 2002 - by Bad Reichenhaller.Two grams of AlpenJodSalz + fluoride + folic acid already cover the recommended daily amount of folic acid.


Coarse AlpenSalz without additives The coarse AlpenSalz is extracted from Alpine brine and is free of any

additives.With its coarse grain size, it is particularly suitable for use in a mortar or salt mill and thus serves as a refill for the Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSalz mill.

That certain something


Selected herbs and spices refine Bad Reichenhaller AlpenJodSalz + Folic Acid - completely without flavour enhancers and gluten-free.Salting and seasoning in a harmonious blend can be done with the fine KräuterSalz (herb salt), the hearty PommesSalz (chips salt), the Mediterranean MozzarellaTomatenSalz (mozzarella and tomato salt), the aromatic KnoblauchSalz (garlic salt) or the tasty BärlauchSalz (wild garlic salt).All recipes are also suitable for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

The rotation

Mühlen (Mills)

The Bad Reichenhall mills provide more variety in the kitchen and at the table:The pure, coarse AlpenSalz (Alpine salt) forms the basis of the seven mill varieties, which are available either pure, with pepper, chilli, herbs or as finely tuned spice salt mixtures for seasoning and tasting roast & steak, fish & prawns or salad & tomato.All varieties are free from additives and flavour enhancers, so vegetarians and vegans can also use the grinders without hesitation when refining their dishes.

Liquid and pure

Bad Reichenhaller SprühSalz (spray salt) stands for the modern way of salting.The unique natural brine is bottled without further processing and spreads evenly over the food as a fine mist when sprayed.



The Alpensaline brand takes up centuries-old traditions of salt production in Bad Reichenhall and revives them.Obtained from pure natural brine, the products contain neither separating agents nor additives.

The noble Alpine salts in four varieties are used as finger salts.Delicate salt crystals are scooped by hand in a boiling pan in the traditional way and partly refined with exquisite ingredients from controlled organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO 006).

The Bad Reichenhall products at a glance

  • AlpenSalz, 500 g package/box
  • AlpenJodSalz, 500 g package/box/10 g mini shaker
  • AlpenJodSalz + Fluorid, 500 g package/box
  • AlpenJodSalz + Fluorid + Folic acid, 500 g package/125 g box
  • Coarse AlpenSalz Without additives, 500 g bag
  • GewürzSalze

–      MozzarellaTomatenSalz, 300 g/90 g box

–      KräuterSalz, 300 g/90 g box

–      Potato&PommesSalz, 90 g box

–      KnoblauchSalz, 90 g box

–      BärlauchSalz, 90 g box

  • Mills

–      AlpenSalz, 100 g Mill

–      salt & pepper, 60 g Mill

–      salt & spices, 35 g Mill

–      salt & chilli, 72 g Mill

–      for salad & tomato, 50 g Mill

–      for roasts & steak, 56 g Mill

–      for fish & prawns, 42 g Mill

  • SprühSalz, 120 ml bottle
  • Alpensaline

–      Mittelgrobes Alpensalz, 1 kg package/380 g box

–      Coarse Alpine salt, 1 kg package

–      Fine Alpine Salt Crystal, 100 g box

–      Noble Alpine salt snack, 100 g box

–      Noble Alpine Salt Alpine Blossoms, 80 g

–      Noble Alpine Salt Mountain Herbs, 90 g

About Bad Reichenhaller

Bad Reichenhaller is a brand of Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG and stands for high-quality salt from the depths of the Alps.Obtained from pure Alpine brine, it guarantees the highest quality in seasoning, cooking and baking.Hundreds of years ago, the "white gold" from the Alps made its place of origin famous.Today, Bad Reichenhaller is the best-known brand in the German table salt segment.The product portfolio of

Bad Reichenhaller includes Alpine salts without and with added vitamins and trace elements for a balanced diet, as well as a large selection of spice salts, mills and salt specialities.

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