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You should pay attention to these points when preparing your excursion to the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall.

Book online

It is best to buy your ticket for the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall online to avoid waiting at the ticket office.

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Clothes and footwear

Underground it is about + 12 °C all year round. The ground can also be slippery and damp. Therefore, please make sure you wear sturdy shoes and warm clothing.

Backpacks and bulky items

Please leave your backpack, stick, umbrella or hat in the car or use our lockers at the cloakroom for them. For safety reasons, bulky objects are unfortunately not allowed underground.

On the road with children

Due to the many steps and floor conditions, the path through the underground tunnel system is unfortunately not suitable for prams or backpacks. Please use a baby sling if possible.