Combined ticket Salt Mine Berchtesgaden and Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall

The good deal for salt fans!

The combination ticket "Salt Mine Berchtesgaden and Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall" connects two magical worlds of salt. The miners take visitors on a fantastic journey in the Berchtesgaden salt mine. You will also visit what is probably the most beautiful salt works in the world with its salt museum and healing spring.

24,50 Euro  per adult 
13,50 Euro per child (4 to 16 years inclusive)
56,50 Euro family ticket* (2 adults and 1 child)
   8,00 Euro  for each additional own child


(*) Persons living in one household, max. 2 adults. Parents/grandparents with their own children/grandchildren up to the age of 16 are considered a family.


The Old Salt Works under the picturesquely situated Gruttenstein Castle is embedded in the historic core of the city of Bad Reichenhall. It was built in 1834 by King Ludwig I and is today one of the most important industrial monuments in Bavaria. The historic walls and the integrated salt museum are open to interested visitors for guided tours.


Descend into the extensive network of tunnels and grottos and let yourself be guided to the origin of salt production in Bad Reichenhall.

Note: The Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden and the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall are
about 25 km away from each other.