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The salt brand of Bad Reichenhall has been the basis of good taste for generations."The salt in the soup" must not be missing.It enhances the natural flavours of food and gives many dishes their rounded taste.Salt used to be an expensive luxury good, even a means of payment, but today it is our daily companion for cooking and seasoning.Correctly dosed, salt is also vital for our body.Bad Reichenhaller, the best-known brand in the German table salt segment for decades, offers food retailers and consumers a broad assortment for every taste with selected ingredients and additives for a balanced diet.


The origin of the success is the fine evaporated salt of the best purity and quality, which is extracted from pure Alpine brine.Salt boiling in Bad Reichenhall has a tradition that goes back thousands of years.Archaeological finds prove that Celts werealready extracting salt in the area in 2,000 BC.The town owes its name and prosperity to the abundance of "hall", the West Germanic word for salt.


From regional salt supplier to national brand

Although always at the cutting edge of technology and open to innovation, the Bad Reichenhaller brand has always been committed to tradition and origin.Red banderole with white lettering and blue rhombus on a white background in reference to the Bavarian coat of arms – with the brand features still typical of Bad Reichenhaller today, "Reichenhaller brine table salt" first appeared on the Bavarian market in 1950.Instead of the 50 kilogram bag,


salt was now available for the first time in the handy 500 gram package.Due to the popularity of the practical small packaging, distribution was expanded to the whole of Germany five years later.From 1971 to 2016, salt from Bad Reichenhaller was available under the brand name Bad Reichenhaller MarkenSalz.Since 2016, the brand has been creating a clear link to its home - the Alps - and has renamed the brand salt, which has been known as a kitchen classic for generations, AlpenSalz.


Innovations in the name of health

Bad Reichenhaller is considered a pioneer in Germany in the enrichment of table salt with the additives iodine, fluoride and folic acid.The first iodised table salt from Bad Reichenhall was available at the end of the 1950s.In 1992 the addition of fluoride followed, and in 2012 the brand celebrated "10 years of folic acid".


Variety for pleasure

Bad Reichenhall salt is more than an everyday ingredient in cooking and seasoning.Combined with exquisite herbs and spices, the brand presents salt in all its delicious diversity - as tasty spiced salts in the sprinkling tin or coarse-grained salt mixtures in the high-quality glass mill.Because no products of animal origin are used in the entire production process, they are ideally suited for vegan cuisine.


Salt at a glance

Salt and pleasure, salt and health, the origin and historical significance of salt - on the website salt is highlighted from the most diverse perspectives.

Sophisticated recipes, tips as well as video and educational material illustrate the subject of salt and its benefits.If this is too


theoretical for you, you can also actively experience salt:In the "most beautiful saltworks in the world", the Old Saltworks Bad Reichenhall, visitors to the Bad Reichenhall Brand Museum can trace the history of Alpine salt, its extraction and processing through the ages.You can embark on a voyage of discovery through salt and time in the Berchtesgaden salt mine.There you can impressively experience the fascinating wonder world of the "white gold" in a mysterious underground tour with all your senses.


Excellent brand quality

Numerous awards prove that the products from Bad Reichenhall stand for genuine brand quality.Most recently, the trade magazine "Lebensmittel Praxis” (Food in Practice) awarded the entire range of “Mühlen” (mills) the title "Product of the Year 2017" and the coarse branded salt without additives in 500 g bags the "HIT 2016" in the product group "Salt".

„Spices/seasonings, fixed products“.In 2015, BärlauchSalz (wild garlic salt) was already awarded this coveted prize.


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