GCC Old Salt Works

House rules/Terms & conditions


Rules of conduct and hygiene: 

Recommendation for behavior: 
We recommend that our guests voluntarily wear a medical mask in the Visitor Center and during the tour.

1. General

1.1 These terms and conditions shall apply on payment of the entrance fee.

1.2 Access is only permitted with a valid ticket.

1.3 Persons aged 13 and under may only enter if accompanied by a supervising adult.

Persons aged between 14 and 16 must show written permission from a parent or legal guardian upon entry (a signature will suffice). Groups of more than 4 young people aged between 14 and 16 must also be accompanied by a supervising adult.

1.4 All instructions from staff must be followed.

1.5 No animals of any kind may be brought into the Salt Mine.

1.6 Smoking is forbidden in all buildings and in the underground area of the historic salt springs.   Rubbish and cigarettes must be deposited in the containers/ashtrays provided in front of buildings.

1.7 Visitors under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol will be denied access by supervising staff. Supervising staff and also tour guides may exclude guests from the tour who endanger themselves or others or contravene the house rules. In this event, the entrance fee will not be refunded.

2. Parking

The pumping hall (Brunnhaus) in the Old Salt Works does not have its own car park. There are parking spaces in the side courtyards of the Old Salt Works. These parking areas are managed by the property company Kurbau GmbH.

3. Cloakroom

3.1 Hats, sticks, umbrellas, rucksacks, baby carriers and other containers and bulky items may not be taken underground. They can be stored in the lockers, however, no liability is assumed for any items brought in.

3.2 Lockers are available for storing valuables, however no liability is assumed for any items brought in.

3.3 Push chairs may not be taken underground. Children may not be carried in baby carriers on the backs of adults.

4. Guided tour

4.1 There is a limit to the group size for tours. Tours may only be undertaken by specially trained tour guides. There is a guided tour from a minimum of 4 people. 

4.2 Queue jumpers or those who violate safety regulations may be excluded by the management or assigned to a later tour. In this event there is no entitlement to refund of the entry fee.

4.3. Disabled persons or those with limited mobility

Due to the special conditions, (low ceilings, steps), disabled persons or those with limited mobility will only be accepted on tours after consultation with supervising staff. Accompanying persons must be able to remove the person from the tour area, in the event of a problem. Supervising staff may refuse access if it is apparent that the tour could pose an increased risk to the person. In this event, the entry fee paid will be refunded and signed for by a member of supervising staff (also the entry fee paid by the accompanying person if they are unable to continue with their visit). Unfortunately, those who suffer from claustrophobia are not permitted to join the guided tour.

5. Safety regulations

5.1 During the  guided tour, all instructions from supervising staff must be followed.

5.2 It is essential to remain with the group at all times and never to wander off independently during the tour. In the museum area, visitors may walk around independently. If a visitor is unable to continue with the tour, they must inform the tour guide who will then ensure the visitor is collected.

5.3 It is the sole responsibility of parents (or guardians) to assess whether their child or person in their charge can join the guided tour. Otherwise, the conditions of point 4.3 shall apply.

5.4 Barriers can only be opened by the guide.

5.5 It is strictly forbidden to touch and activate machine parts and equipment due to the risk of injury.

5.6 The tour route may be damp and slippery. Use the handrails and take care not to trip.

6. Photography

Photography and filming is forbidden throughout the guided tour of the Old Salt Works for safety reasons (risk of falling).

7. Limitation of liability

The liability of the Old Salt Works and persons contracted by it is limited to the extent that the Old Salt Works shall be liable:

1) for the full amount of damages only in cases of intent or gross negligence of its organs or executive employees,

2) to the extent of any negligent violation of basic contractual obligations,

3) outside such obligations to the extent of intent or gross negligence of simple vicarious agents,

4) the Salt Mine shall be liable in cases 2 and 3 only for the amount of compensation for  typically foreseeable damage.

The liability restrictions in no. 7 shall not apply in so far as injury to life, limb or health is concerned.

Dated 07/2022